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Monday, February 23, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, every blog has to have them. Here are a list of some questions that have been asked from some of our commenting guests which have become 'regulars' so to speak. Just like any other blog, use this list of questions with their corresponding answers as a reference if you had something in mind to ask at first. If your question hasn't been addressed and answered here, then let us in on your brilliance. :D

The site is not about theology? Is the purpose then really just to bring people together and spend their time on little other than debating: "lookit how dumb Loftus is, hahaha?"

This blog is not strictly about theology. Discussions and debate about theology are to be expected and will come up on occassion, but it's not the only type of content you'll find here. It must be kept in mind that the contributors of this blog have differing perspectives and takes on how we choose to criticize John W. Loftus and his various arguments. For instance, JP Holding usually argues Loftus with Biblical commentaries and his misrepresenations of Christianity, while I will examine the cultural aspect and political motives (this usually concerns TWeb and related affairs) behind Loftus' arguments in general. There is no uniform opinion on Loftus' arguments, say that they are crap and need to be chucked into the recycling bin where they belong.

I have yet to see anything but straw men and personal attacks. Nothing serious takes place here that I can see.

Thanks, John! This is becoming a common argument around here and is one of grandiose speculation. I truly believe it's people just reading in between the lines while missing the whole picture. It can be a daunting task trying to seperate criticisms of John's personality from his arguments. That's usually because John's arguments are almost always fueled by some self-serving interest.

The only reason this blog exists is because you have some sort of strange, sexually deviant fixation on John and boy is it creeeeeeeeepy.

Wrongo, buddy ol' pal. It is Loftus who has the obsession. See here and here. Note that in the latter, I point out that we are not claiming to ignore John, but John makes this out to be of some focal importance anyway for his own irrational reasons.

Man, this site is boring.

Blah, blah, blah...blah, blah, blah blah?

How does one become a member of this blog?

Yes, the criteria for earning contributive rights to this blog are allot less strict than the ones you'll find on our counterpart's site. But in case you were interested and this just so happened to be on your mind, there are obviously some factors to take into consideration, like:
  • What specifically you think you have to contribute.
  • This site pulls no punches. If you're troubled by the nature of the "remarks" that are common throughout here, you should consider another online pasttime.
Other than these, shoot me an e-mail and I'll probably just set you up automatically, depending on my mood of the day.

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