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Monday, October 5, 2009

"It's Not Personal, Really!"

I don't know what it is about a man that just can't keep to his own word. What's even more of a shocker is that people actually listen to such a person and actually take his claims and assertions seriously. This alone is enough to compel someone to lose faith in all of humanity, a boat that has long sailed as far as I'm concerned.

Readers: Is there anything peculiar about this(???):

What do you think of JP Holding?

One of the best apologists around (I’m an ignorant Christian)
An average dime-a-dozen wannabe apologist
An obnoxious hack who is an embarrasment to Christianity
I don’t know of him

This poll literally came out of nowhere. The last post prior to the poll was this.

In fact, it was only a couple of days ago this week where John added a little intro tidbit into one of his latest here. That particular tidbit reads:

I have usually ignored JP Holding for the most part this past year or so and I was just wondering what people thought of him. Check out the following redated post and the poll to the right in the sidebar. Until he comes out of the sewer and up to the adult civilized world of discourse my plan is to ignore him. I call on both Christians and skeptics to do likewise.

Hmm...that's....odd, to say the least. What did Holding do this time to upset John?

Is it this post right here?

Funny that post is a result of John's own stupidity. JP is only guilty of posting the thread documenting his idiocy. It's not JP's fault that John is a total asshat.

In response to the poll, Holding posted a parody comeback on TWeb here:

And so it is in these regards John thinks it's appropriate to bring up Holding's name, for the millionth time.

John's followers seem to be too stupid to figure it out for themselves: Why would Loftus make a spontaneous poll about JPH and then argue that if Holding somehow doesn't change his ways, he's going to be put on "ignore" (something Loftus has said countless times)? Furthermore, why would we CARE??? John isn't and has never been that important. Anyone who thinks that Holding does it just to get Loftus' "attention" is just about as deranged and deluded as Loftus is himself.

What's clear is that John suffers from delusions of grandeur, or delusions of an exceedingly high and undeserved status of significance and worth. But his followers keep lapping it up. They are oblivious to the patterns of behavior. There is simply no good reason that Loftus should have posted the poll in the first place other than Loftus' inability to deal with his own shortcomings when they are made explicit by someone else.

What's the difference between what us TWebbers say and do to what John says and does? The answer: We don't claim to ignore anything John has said or continually says. This blog wouldn't be here if our main objective was to ignore him. It's here to point out what should be obvious to the general public, but the gene pool has determined otherwise. The only claim ever made by this site which even remotely reflects what John has said is in offering civil discussion and debunking the claims coming from the other side. But everything else is a matter of words and actions, and how well the two line up with each other.

John complains about the superstitiousness of modern-day people, and yet his followers don't know or even want to willingly consider the lies and half-truths that John has thrown out to the world under the guise of free speech and civility. He really is just as bad as the Pat Robertson types, and about as intelligent. I would suspect that these claims would eventually end their cycles of repetitiveness and redundancy, but it's best to realize that John is a broken record. We should expect more of these instances to come in the future and we should also expect that John will blame his own faults on what Holding has to say or what he has done in the past. This is just standard Loftus-protocol.

Recently Mike Huckabee (trust me when I say that I would not normally quote this man) said the following on his show:

"You know it's foolish for us to act as though our point of view makes us always right and the other guy always wrong. Having different views is a good thing. But having different standards is not. If something is right, it's right. And if it's wrong, it's just wrong. Diversity is a good thing, but duplicity is not."

The primary error in John's thinking is that this blog is going to disappear and vanish long before Debunking Christianity actually "closes shop" for real. But the truth is is that even after Debunking Christianity goes bye bye for good, we will still be here.

So John, it's time for you to accept the fact that you're not that special. Deal with it.


  1. There are few things that I would quickly mention here:

    First, this is my first comment on this site and it was only yesterday I discovered this blog. What compelled to find this site is this peculiar poll about JPH on DC. I've always been amazed of why John is obsessed with JPH, similarly the other way round (as JPH is also obsessed with Loftus). So I set out to figure this out and googled Loftus vs Holding and it brounght me straight to this site. And whaooh, the site is cute! Well, if JPH is interested, I voted on (One of the best apologists around - and I believe I'm better than Loftus, when it comes to ignorance).

    Secondly, It seems I will love this blog but not absolutely. I am not comfortable with this He really is just as bad as the Pat Robertson types, and about as intelligent as I don't see the motivation why someone who is as devoted in Christian apologetics as JPH to attack Pat, a Christian, albeit ultra fundamentalist.

    Thirdly, regarding Loftus and DC. I have really come to realize that John is merely an atheist just to gain fame out of it. He doesn't care a inch about whether atheism is true, or whether ethics is supreme, or whether honesty is a virtue but as long as he he is going to humiliate Christianity and be somebody onto this world, what will be an amazing achievements as far as John is concerned!

    He is as cunning as snake when it comes to present himself onto the public as a victim, he is as polite as a dove when you pander on his back on how is book is excellent but he is as ruthless as a petty dictator when you mess on his ways. I have always wondered, what was John like when he was still a Christian? Aren't these sort of Church members who are in it only to gain money and fame?

    And John blasts JPH as an embarassment to Christianity of his abrasive attitude, but in my opinion, better have church members like JPH who are agressive but contribute positively to the glory of Christ rather than having narcissists pretenders who are in it for fame. And in fact, I've learnt that this shock therapy is the most effective to bring narcissits to their knees. Keep on the work, JPH.

  2. "...I don't see the motivation why someone who is as devoted in Christian apologetics as JPH to attack Pat, a Christian, albeit ultra fundamentalist."

    Pat Robertson reckons that Methodists have the spirit of Antichrist in them (google it), the way I see it he's attacking his fellow Christians in a much more serious way than JP lambasting him for his rather weird behaviour.

  3. Full quote:

    "You say you're supposed to be nice to the Episcopalians and the Presbyterians and the Methodists and this, that, and the other thing. Nonsense. I don't have to be nice to the spirit of the Antichrist." -- Pat Robertson, 1/14/91

  4. Welcome to Debunking Loftus, edson:

    Secondly, It seems I will love this blog but not absolutely. I am not comfortable with this He really is just as bad as the Pat Robertson types, and about as intelligent as I don't see the motivation why someone who is as devoted in Christian apologetics as JPH to attack Pat, a Christian, albeit ultra fundamentalist.

    You've mistaken me for Holding. I founded this blog and JPH is a primary contributor. He posts about four times max each month, and I update rather frequently.

  5. Hola Edson.

    Well, it's not so much obsession, but more like proper adressing. Besides, John is only one of many critics of Christendom that he has blasted sky high out there, not our fault he keeps coming back for a beating. :P

    Also, anyone notice that the video of the singer has been removed? ^_^, curious as to what happened.


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