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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"I Just Can't Live Without You..."

It seems that public commenting has returned to the Debunking Christianity blog. Surprise, surprise. Well...almost, at least.

Seems this time 'round John decided to make a 'blog owner approval' policy for comments. This obviously came from one of his bogus polls, asking readers if public commenting should be re-implemented after John's exasperated ego got the best of him for the umpteenth time. Funny thing is, John must either be stupid enough to think that readers would elect an alternative option besides having public commentary re-implemented. First John's ego takes a beating, and he invites fellow blog owners to use their sites as their own mediums of criticisms. Now, he's back to letting the dice roll in his favor, and his pons are unsuspecting of this. Yowser.

I think some irony should point out the inconsistency of John's mentality to the point where anything he tries to pass off is usually done under some self-serving facade he tries to pass off. Unfortunately for John, he doesn't have his head screwed on tight enough to keep up with the act, and then he manages to fall flat on his face. But we have alluded to plenty of past examples of that being the case already. This time John is still wearing his masked personality, it's just a little more subtle than on average. Consider this: If John were truly concerned with keeping it "civil" over at DC, why couldn't he have just switched to where comments would have been under his approval in the first place? Instead, he went into a power frenzy about his own personal identity issues. It turned into another endless game of figurative cat and mouse (John plays both roles, interchangeably, if you don't understand what I mean by this). In other words, John portrays himself both as the hunter and as the prey, it's all a matter of circumstantial context. John clearly stated before that only the staff at Debunking Christianity would be permitted to commit. Usually he makes this out as his final decision, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. But it never is. Eventually, in due time, despite John's assertions that words do not affect him and that he is anything but insecure, he always comes crawling back to the approval of other people. Even when it's his blog to begin with. Undoubtely, he may still be checking up on this blog every once and a while, even if he isn't outright about it.

Let's just say John could use a little therapy in establishing and maintaining priorities. Because priotization seems to be John's biggest of weaknesses.


  1. Someone is posting under my name.

    Just note that I never make any claims about John or any of his team that can not be found IN THEIR OWN BOOKS.

    Now, I wonder who would fake posts?

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...? Does anyone know of anyone who might have done that in the past?

    And John, I offer to debate you at any time...and you have never taken me off on it.

    Today's post is right on point...John really IS insecure and worried about what other people think.

  2. I don't know if stooping is the best way to respond to someone. Personally I prefer dialoguing with them and dealing with their arguments.

    If you are going to run a site like this actually debunk Loftus' arguments instead of him personally.

  3. We have debunked his arguments. Loftus has received multiple refutations on from members of this blog.

    His inability/refusal to respond to those refutations is one of the reasons this blog is here.

    Dialogue with Loftus is an exercise in futility. He is not interested in genuine dialogue; though he pretends to be if he thinks he can deconvert you.

    Don't speak before you know the facts.

  4. It's not hard to see why Loftus allowed (some) comments again. Shortly after the original ban, his view stats plunged precipitously. He lost something like 300-350 visits a day after that.

    Given his monumental ego, that's a death blow!


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