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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Reality Check" Series Coming Soon

In light of my most recent post The Scronny-Brained Scholar, I have decided to come up with a third series of posts on this blog which will help bolster its intended functional purpose. In addition to the series on logic and the yet-to-be-introduced series on ethics, I am also instating a response-series to John's "Reality Check" (which supposedly lays out the criteria for the hypothetically assumed reality we would be stuck with in the event Christianity was true. I invite every contributor on this blog to participate). Introducing:

Reality Check: What Must Be the Case if John Knows Anything about Debunking Christianity?

I hope the majority of you like it.

More to come.



  1. In addition to encouraging folks to read your upcoming posts, TBT, I may as well take this chance to mention that I have ordered a used copy of John's latest book so that I can do the promised refutation of it. I'll start on it after I get done with another project, probably in August.

  2. Right after your destruction of Price's latest, I hope!

  3. Not sure if my last post went through, but I am looking forward to the new series.

    And just today, the Great John Loftus himself has joined in the comment war on the latest two One Star Reviews an amazon.

    As usual, he is making accusations againt people and posturing about his superiority.

    Its hilarious.

    If you have time, you might join in.


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