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Monday, January 7, 2013

Ole' Yeller Strikes Again

For the new year John somehow thought it would be a great idea to re-post his "Outsider Test for Faith" with some additional updates. These key "changes" he makes are found in his recommendation for atheist and counter-Christian apologetics literature. And...once again, he isn't shy of speaking highly of his own published works, and putting them at the very beginning of his list of recommendations:

The problem this year is that I have five books published in five years and I cannot resist the supposition that my books are the best, sorry. Wouldn't you?

That depends on the criteria of comparison that is being used and just how intellectually honest a person is, John. It's all too easy to make the argument that your books are the best because they are your books.  And if you were to look at this with an honest lens, you would realize that it doesn't get much more complicated than this. You tell us (the readers) as the author of these groundbreaking books why they are the best. It isn't a matter of asking the readers if they would judge your books to be best if they were in your shoes or if they happen to be fans of your blog (though the only reason anyone could be a serious fan of yours would be for strictly entertainment purposes). What standard are you using to make such a statement? And why should I take it seriously?

In response Christians typically reply to this yearly challenge with their own list of books. So let me state for the record that I have probably read more Christian apologetics books and articles in 40 years then most of them will read their entire lives. So for comparison purposes, if a Christian apologist responds with such a list then tell us just how many atheist books you have read in comparison to me? I'd like to know. I've probably sold or thrown away more of them than you have read. I've probably read 300-350 Christian apologetical works and thousands of articles. 

Again John, you fail to realize that advertising what you view to be accomplishments and things of worthy note are not actual indicators of your credibility or even your smarts. Someone who continually speaks of their educational history in the manner in which you do would know better than to do that, especially if you are a philosopher. And as a philosopher, this shows your ignorance, tackiness, & carelessness that you would even employ such tactics.

Even if what you say is mostly true, none of this shows that you have a grasp or understanding of these read materials. For instance, I have read John Hick and one of my philosophy classes was based largely on his works. Your critique of Hick among other things glossed over some of his core arguments & contentions. So to say that you have read more than the average joe is not something that should be used to impress or inflate...but it is a dead give away as to how desperate & pathetic your want for recognition is. 

You might notice that there aren't any philosophical books on this year's list. That's because I only have respect for a scientifically based philosophy, that's why, although I value philosophy in general.

Another thing to be aware of here also doesn't add to your case when you admit to being an asshole and having limited perspective when at the same time you tout your merits as a "philosopher." How on earth can you manage to criticize someone like Hick with scientific philosophy when their focus is epistemological & theological philosophy? Oh and by the way, I think it would be a really good idea if you decided to become better versed in ethics, because you could use some friend! 

Again, what do you have to lose?

Time & critical thinking skills???



  1. I've just discovered brother Loftus. I'm glad to see that you agree he comes across as full of himself. I thought maybe it was just me. In a recent post, on his blog, he responded to a question with red herrings, platitudes, and ad hominem abusive arguments. Hardly what what I would see as the behavior of a true philosopher. No matter how many books he claims to have read about apologetics, he has apparently gleaned no understanding of logic. As for a description, the term blowhard seems to come to mind for some reason.


  2. And then Jesus came upon his disciples and said, "Brethren, what's this shit I've been hearing about me being a human sacrifice for your sins!!!?

    May I asketh, who in the goddamn hell came up with that Neanderthal bullshit!!!!?

    Blood sacrifice!!!! Are you all fucking insane with that caveman horseshit!!!!!!!!!????

    Brethren, I'd lick Judas's ass crack before I'd agree to your dying for sins donkey shit!!!!

    Although, truth be told, Judas does give a mean blow job!!"

    ----Jesus Christ, The Gospel of Sane Thought

  3. Honesty isn't exactly Mr.Loftus'strong suit. I was just banned from his site (pardon the pun)for having pointed out how condescending and irrational his replies to me have been.You would have to hire a pack of Sherpas to help you scale the peak of his notoriously sensitive ego.

  4. Here are our last exchanges before I was banished: Bronxboy47, I appreciate your comments too. I know you and Cygnus have had problems with each other. I don't have the time to look back and see how they originated. Nor do I want to.

    You bring up a good point though, that I wouldn't find it "much fun if he aimed one of his totally off-the-wall attacks in your direction." So my advice to him is to refrain and settle down a bit. My advice to you is to ignore his comments if you can.

    I'm not going to be a hall monitor between people here.
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    Bronxboy47 John W. Loftus • an hour ago
    John, that's the second time you've responded to a post of mine by claiming not to be a hall monitor, and I must say I resent being talked to as if I were a high school adolescent bringing tales to the principal. My most recent comments were not addressed to you and I certainly didn't ask for you to intervene. Please refrain from talking down to me.
    • Edit• Reply•Share ›
    John W. Loftus Mod Bronxboy47 • 30 minutes ago
    Okay then. Let me rephrase it. I do not intend to arbitrate your disagreements. The second time? So, you don't play well with others, eh?
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    Bronxboy47 John W. Loftus • 26 minutes ago
    No one asked you to arbitrate anything. As I said, my most recent comments were not addressed to you, so why should you feel the need to arbitrate when your assistance hasn't been asked for. I will ignore that last sentence of yours which was totally uncalled for.
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    John W. Loftus Mod • 20 minutes ago
    I don't like to deal with problems and you have become a problem. Don't tell me what I should do on my blog. Your best bet at this point is not to say anything that requires me to respond to you about this.
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    Bronxboy47 John W. Loftus • 12 minutes ago
    I asked for your response once several months ago and was told you weren't a hall monitor. That was the only time I asked for a response from you. Feel free to remove my posts so others won't see how completely irrational and ill-tempered your last two posts to me have been. I won't be posting here again. Your egomania was beginning to wear on me anyway.
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    John W. Loftus Mod • a minute ago
    Your wish. I'll oblige.


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