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Friday, March 13, 2009

Land of Confusion: Message for the Generations

I've had something itching at me to go ahead and post two YouTube videos about the same exact song, that being "Land of Confusion". Originally written by the 80's band Genesis, and then the recent 2005 remake, by heavy metal rock-band Disturbed (although not perfect, one of the few contemporary rock bands which are concerned more with the quality of their songs and albums, and not the quantity).

The song's words are fairly easy to understand, and the message is made quite explicit: Our world is troubled by confused politics, hatred, and greed. This has been a message that has withstood the test of time, despite many of its leading speakers having been assasinated for suggesting controversial alternatives: Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, among others, are all notable names, even though, in a historical context, it would be much like comparing apples and oranges.

So what does this amazing song have to do with John n' Friends: Their behaviors and actions have placed them under what could be considered as "questionable", in a way, that's making an understatement. You can just browse this very blog itself to find Harry McCall's comments in which he admits to committing to what could be perceived as an illegal act: Mainly, harrassing Mrs. Holding at her workplace via phone connection. But I also want to make it perfectly clear that this post is not exclusive to John and his gang, nor is it necessarily directed at them. This is a post which I want to use to let people think a little bit harder about how the world is operating today, and where it can head too if we are not too careful about its changes, and live in reckless carelessness. While I don't agree with some of the political imagery portrayed in these two videos, you can't deny that it's a song which depicts the sad reality of humanity and how we are so insistent within ourselves to create quarrels and conflicts which end in mindless bloodshed and result in utter destruction. Hopefully YouTube won't go ahead and decide it's time to remove these videos due to their bogus "copyright" claims that have been getting out there. Apparently it might have something to do with China's relationship with Google, as both are acting rather Communistic right now. Hey, why doesn't John go work for Google!?

Genesis (1987) original:

Disturbed (2005) remake:

And just to be fair to John, as he would like us to be, I'm also embedding this video, as it essentially bashes the Religious Right. Happy birthday, John!


  1. I don't disagree with your premise. What I'm not convinced of is that religion (or a "relationship with Christ" or "faith") is fully able to resolve these problems, if we acknowledge and agree that they are problems at all.

    Historically, Christians have been a diverse lot. Sure, many have provided for the needy, opened hospitals and comforted the afflicted, but they have also tortured, maimed, killed and oppressed, often in the name of Christ and believing they have the backing and support of Scripture. Now, I'm not talking about Christians who fail to live up to their professed beliefs. I'm talking about Christians who justify their deeds and do them in the name of God.

    This is unrelated to the question of the existence of God: it's simply a matter of whether, net-net, religious faith makes people "better".

    Honestly, some people have become better people(I know a few). At the same time, a know quite a few whose arrogance and pride was only emboldened by their religious faith. Instead of merely thinking they know it all, they now have God on their side.

  2. Hi, modman.

    Honestly, some people have become better people(I know a few). At the same time, a know quite a few whose arrogance and pride was only emboldened by their religious faith. Instead of merely thinking they know it all, they now have God on their side.

    As far as I'm concerned, allot of what you said in your comment I have no problems with arguing. Yeah, there has been allot of evil in religion. Even fundamentalists are willing to admit an extent.

    But you should also look at things from the flip side, as it would seem John has become more arrogant as a result of his deconversion. And because his testimony basically boils down to his adulterous relationship with Linda, this tells me that Loftus was unable to decipher between his behaviors and the standards of the religion he so-called states that he himself once followed.

    How can you come up with a different conclusion about John after having read and acknowledged his real motivation for starting Debunking Christianity? It says right there in plain words and simple English, that John was fed up with the attitudes of some Christians from TWeb. Is that really how you go about trying to refute something? Out of spite and contempt for a handful of people you didn't get along with very well? I didn't want to make this post strictly about John, but I do believe he's extremely confused as to why he does what he does, or whether or not it even makes logical sense.


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