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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Been Too Quiet Here? One Reason Why

Let's face it --- John Loftus has hit the end of his usefulness.

He's reduced himself to linking to childish YouTube videos and re-recommending crappy books he already recommended weeks ago.

I see Loftus wandering aimlessly through the streets on Angola, Indiana, looking under rocks, into sewers and trash cans, hoping for some inspiration for a new post.

He can't find one. And you can only repeat "buy my book" so many times, even to yourself.

It appears that he's broken now and can't be fixed. Pretty soon his moment in the sun will be over -- or maybe it IS over already -- and he'll become one of those long-forgotten freethinkers like Herbert Cutner whose name only appears in bibliographies of books by people who think Ezekiel saw a UFO.

Good night, John Boy.


  1. One reason it's quiet here is because the posts are so infrequent. Also, I think the topic of political correctness falls a little flat for people seeking a discussion of life's ultimate issues.

  2. An excellent post!

    William Lane Craig remarked that he feels it is a tradgedy about what John has become.

    I am seriously starting to think that the New Atheist Wave, which I thought might be the wave of the 21st century, is receding.

    There are serious indications they are turning in on themselves, and John has shown that he has shot his to speak!

    He is now reducing to editing an "anthology" of the same old stuff...i.e., a rehash.

  3. The reason posts are so infrequent, AFLAC, is because Johnny Boy hasn't got anything new to say!

    It seems you have this problem understanding the point. Why not turn yourself in so someone can make a nice pate'? You're not much more useful than John as is -- though not hard to see why you're one of his fans! :D

  4. True dat JP. I would post here allot more often if there was something more varied coming from John. The posts already in existence are somewhat redundant and repetetive, but only because of John's repetitive redundancy.

    And Hacksaw still doesn't get it.

  5. You guys are SO mean to me. Sniff.

  6. Yeesh, AFLAC is even good at imitating DJ's whiny persecution complex!


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