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Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Moral-Cesspool "Christian" for Loftus

And be sure to check out Stark's reply, which sounds an awful lot like something Loftus would say. Separated at birth?


  1. Here is what I have heard. A massive publicity stunt has been arranged, with Stark slowly working his way to a staged "deconversion".

    Stark is already using the very same tactics of attack that Loftus does; note how he has solicited all these "favorable reviews" from so called Christian collaborators. And of course anyone who questions them is "ignorant" and "deluded"...same language Loftus uses by the way (And the same appeals to authority.)

    Moreover, Stark is not a scholar and does not even have a Master's, even though Loftus frequently tells us that if you are not an expert (hey, didn't he have to quit his Ph.D. program?) then you can not write about a subject with any credibility.

    Mark my words, it will happen right around the time his new book comes out.

  2. Stark has denied that such a stunt is in the offing, but it would matter little; he and Loftus are obviously the same general personality type (with the same moral and intellectual deficiencies). I've read a few of Stark's arguments on Wisdom Christology, for example, and he's remarkably inept -- just like Loftus is.

  3. I saw your email exchange with Stark.

    Pfft; you're not are a Christian. You might be the Big Head leader of a small quasi-christian whinging cult (the Turkelians), but you're no Christian.

    I also saw your posting of Loftus' business trouble. You really don't care what makes you look bad, as long as you get in your little digs. You must be so jealous of the attention he's getting.

    Speaking of digs: I also saw your recent youtube cartoon. The problem for someone with your personality disorder is you think anything you come up with is golden. You can't rely on your Tulkelian cult members to give you reliable feedback. I probably wouldn't bring it up if it were any good but it's not. It's really horrible.

    You have no personality, no talent for the stage. You try your various little apologetic excursions but you'll never get far because of your ego and attitude--and total lack of engaging personality. That's why you're stuck with your little internet cult.

    Life for you will continue to be like a Twilight Zone episode, surrounded by your supposed lessers.

    Go ahead and delete, you big bully.

  4. Nah. Screwball Award is better for this one. When you embarrass yourself it only helps me out.


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