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Friday, August 13, 2010

Quote of the Day by John Loftus

John seems to have decided to turn himself into one of those goofy desktop calendars over at DC, as he posts some "quote of the day" from some rabid fundy atheist friend of his that he no doubt thinks is somehow profound -- which is a way of saying, it's something he might not even understand, so he's impressed by it.

So how about we do a feature like that here -- only each day, it will be something profound by John?

Let's see -- how about this one?

"I'm sorry but it's very hard for me not to just lash out at you with all kinds of phrases that indicate your very low intelligence level."

Or this one?

You are an idiot. Anyone who will take the time to read through the thread “Is There Such a Thing as an Honest Doubter?” Will see that. I cannot discuss anything with you because you simply cannot understand a mildy [sic] complex argument. You shouldn't even be on this website until you finish your high school level degree. Anything I say gets twisted by you (probably this post as well), so there isn't even a basis for a discussion at all, and I have better things to do. If you were even a half-wit thinker you could answer every one of the questions you asked of me. "

Or even better:

"I recently noticed another blog that apparently started up in March which is very critical of J.P. Holding, here. I personally do not like Holding, but I'm probably not going to waste my time on him, except to point out what others are saying about him."

Maybe the best of all though:

"Seventh commandment? What seventh commandment? It's not clear."

Well, OK, that wasn't a direct quote, but still...

Anyway, Cowboys Who Talk Through Their Hats is coming along nicely. You'd think John would try to make it harder on us....

1 comment:

  1. If you had someone who is a decent programmer, maybe you could collect the many quotes for which Loftus has won a Screwball Award, randomize them, and create a JOHN W. LOFTUS QUOTE OF THE DAY WIDGET that you could put in the sidebar of this blog, and offer to other users of Blogger and other open source blogging platforms.

    I wish I had the skill to do this, because I so would. I could write the randomizer, but I don't have enough Java knowledge to port it into an HTML widget for use on blog programs. If Java is the language du jour for doing that; other script-based languages might be better suited for it.

    Okay, I'll stop now. It's something to think about if you know someone who has the capability.


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