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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

John the Marketing Maven

Oh wow. John has hit a new low (awful hard for him) when it comes to narcissistic product marketing, with this "Outsider Test for Faith" coffee mug.

Now all he needs is an "I Can't Understand the 7th Commandment" t-shirt.


  1. John addesses the loony Christian Americans very well, I see!

  2. Yes, he does do that, but he also shoots fish in a barrel well.

    He's not so good at elephants in the room, though.

  3. "Now all he needs is an "I Can't Understand the 7th Commandment" t-shirt. "

    Is that some implication that he's an adulterer?

  4. maybe john luftus should be selling crosses, virgin mary statues and raffle tickets. or have a bingo night. or a casino weekend. or pass the plate. or tithe his followers. then he would make serious cash, like every church in america.

  5. Hey Matt. My church doesn't do anything like that. In fact, I can't think of any church I've been in that does that, and I've been in several churches.

    Your tu quoque doesn't work.

  6. @Samuel: Uh,'s something he admits to openly in his books.

  7. @matt I hardly approve of most of those myself. Only plate passing passes my muster, and that's under the same rubric as any non-profit calling on supporters to aid in its mission.

    Of course some people like you think even public TV asking for money is annoying. And there are plenty of charity scandals in the secular world too.


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