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Thursday, October 28, 2010


It's nice to know that with all the serious problems with alcoholism in this country -- the broken homes, the fatal and dismembering auto accidents, the abused spouses and children, the climbing rehabilitation costs, and so on -- John is once again setting a fine, sober example by bragging about how "sauced" he was at one of those freethought meetings. How 'bout it, John?

"Who, me? HIC!"

Thanks, John.


  1. And now John has filed for Bankruptcy.

    The Bankruptcy of the Atheist is kind of symbolic of the Bankruptcy of Atheism. Ironic.

    But apparently he could afford to drink and travel around.

    I bet his creditors are equally amused.

  2. To be fair, it was his business rather than a personal bankruptcy, but that doesn't smell a whole lot better in terms of how good his stewardship is.

  3. Perhaps John would do better to become a fabulously wealthy televangelist and sell useless books and DVDs to a gullible public in the name of Jesus.

    Benny Hinn has done quite well for himself as has Pat Robertson. Conservative pastor Rod Parsley bought his family a multi-million dollar home in Ohio. Pastor Hagee in Texas also does quite well: over $800,000 a year plus another half mil in benefits.

  4. I can't stand any of those guys either, actually. They can get right in line behind John in the Moral Cesspool category.

  5. JP, if that is the case, who do you find more damaging to the Christian faith? Loftus or con men like Hagee, Parsley and Hinn who apparently have quite a number of faithful followers?

  6. Speaking as a Floridian, I think that's like asking whether in a hurricane which does more damage -- the high winds or the flooding rain.

  7. Loftus is getting more and more agressive, and there hasn't been an thread started here for two months.

    It looks like you have caved in to him.

    Is there something going on behind the scenes that you all are hiding?

  8. "It looks like you have caved in to him.

    Is there something going on behind the scenes that you all are hiding?"

    Let's put it this way: John, no matter how "aggressive" he might aspire to be or is, doesn't really offer anything new or interesting enough these days for us to actually write out against it.

    Quite frankly I'm bored of John lately. His writing usually has the same quality of John Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath" a book I loathe completely, by the way. Steinbeck is the type of author that could write a multitude of pages all having to do with a pile of straw and still manage to compile a work of literature. I think it's exactly the same with John.

    And as it may surprise many of you, there are other more important priorities in our lives aside from managing this blog. We try to rev the engines up once more if we find it is worth the time and energy investment. Right now, I just don't give a damn to actually write anything new that A) Wouldn't have been said a thousand times already, and B) Anything that would be worth intellectual exercise.


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