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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

John Recommends Tekton!

" [Loftus has]s gotten so used to pwning that now he has to pwn himself."
- ApologiaPhoenix on TheologyWeb

Poor John Loftus. Here he just posted a poll where he declares I can be "safely ignored," and what does he go and do?

He goes and gives me even more positive attention.

Here's the setup. In a recent post, Loftus brags about how Ian Boyne of "The Jamaica Gleaner" thinks the atheists are winning the debate war:

I must confess that I find many Christian attempts to rebut criticisms of Christianity pathetically weak and disappointing. I generally find that the atheists and agnostics argue much more soundly and are more intellectually rigorous. I find that the atheists, and especially the agnostics, ponder things more deeply and more profoundly than believers and that they are usually more sophisticated and nuanced in their analyses.

We can debate Boyne's assessment, but there's a point to be made here. John was so excited about this comment that he apparently forgot to read further down (emphasis added):

I think I have read the best of the atheists and agnostics and the best of the theists, and I generally find the former far more intellectually engaging.So when I recommend some Christian thinkers, take me seriously. For while, in my view, the Christian philosophers, theologians and apologists are outclassed by the unbelievers in terms of intellectual rigour argumentation, there are some very serious believers who are very sharp and who meaningfully engage the sceptics.

On the internet, for example, if you go to Christian Think-Tank, you will find highly reasoned, seriously-researched essays dealing with many critical questions about the Bible. Bothered by texts seemingly to justify slavery and genocide? Bothered by texts from the Old Testament which seem to have antiquated and repugnant social law and customs? Shocked by the ethical practices of the Old Testament particularly? Go to that site. There you will find the best scholarship on these matters. These fellows really engage in high-quality apologetics and unlike many apologists they take sceptics' questions seriously and really engage them.

Another excellent site which keeps abreast of every sceptical piece of writing, every atheistic and agnostic scholar or popular writer and which seeks to debunk them is Textron Evaluation and Apologetics Ministry. Bart Ehrman, who is the leading and most-quoted biblical scholar who attacks the authenticity of Scripture, is challenged seriously by these apologists who take him to task over what they term his sloppy scholarship.

Now of course, either Boyne or his spell check got the name wrong (he also called Loftus "John Lotus") but clearly, this is props for my very own ministry here. So I'd like to say, thanks, John! I can now add your endorsement to those from Strobel, Geisler, Eddy and Boyd, etc. and it'll look great on the bottom of my resume'.

You know, sort of the same way you think Geisler recommended YOUR book, right?


  1. Do you have a life, Jeffy? :D

    Or are you just jealous because your own career has been such a dismal failure, and you couldn't even get endorsements from Benny Hinn if you paid for it?

  2. By the way, Jeffy, you slimy jackass,

    It seems you can dish out the "vile personal invective and childish insults" easily enough:

    JPTill said:

    I just saw your interview with Paul White. She said "I never want to give a permanent answer." That should be her middle name. What a smarmy, slimy, slithering serpent!

    It's time for us to demand that our religious leaders live humble lifestyles and make their finances totally transparent.

    I've been to WWIC several times. Contrary to conniving claims, they attempt to sell miraculous health, wealth, and a place in Heaven. They use psychosocial manipulation, including tongue-speaking and repetitious lyrics, to equate worshiping with tithes and offerings. To refuse giving the ministry money is the same as "stealing from God".

    During one such rapturous invocation, Paula commanded her bodyguards to close the exit doors until more offerings were brought forward. They have people rise from their seats to bring money in front of the "pastor".

    There will always be those who come along to sell us what we can have for free. It's sad to see all those broken people being so manipulated. I don't know why God doesn't send a lightning bolt right through both Randy & Paula's heads.

    The irony is I'd probably agree with you about those guys. But the point is, for a guy who whines all the time about invective, you sure do dish it out in spades.

    Why don't you crawl back under your garbage heap, ya hypocrite??? :D

  3. JPH, it may turn out that you're right about jptill for other reasons (I have no evidence for that, either way), but I'd guess your comments on Paula White would have been about the same as his (and mine would have been!)

    I know of far better examples of Christians than her. Like you - your, ahem, often colorful personality aside, even jptill should admit that you're not out to fleece the masses like she is. ;-)

  4. Actually, Rat, IIRC he implied as much on TWeb once or twice (as Lazy Agnostic) and more or less continues to do so as "Jeff Leroy" on Amazon.

    He has some serious problems. I wonder if his wife knows he's ogling "Superhot model Laetitia Casta":

    Even as LA he was never that smart about covering his trail. :)

  5. Monomaniac Lazy Agnostic:

    >>>I'd like to see him use his talents to go after such frauds.

    I AM going after them, you sanctimonious pinhead. I just did articles on Osteen, Meyer, and Jakes over the past year.

    So once again you're all about the business of sticking your foot deeply into your mouth, eh, "Lobster Boy"? :D

    >>>Yes, my comments about Randy and Paula went too far and probably put-off some who would've agreed.

    Then shut your trap about me from now on, you hypocrite. :D Not that you ever will. You're too much of a self-righteous pig to think that you ever ought to stop letting your mouth run ahead of your brain.

    BTW I told Licona all about you and your obscene stalking habits, and all else you do. He now understands what you REALLY are and doesn't give you an ounce of credit...and posing yourself as a Christian minister wasn't very nice of you, but it fits your m.o. as a well-reputed liar.

    >>>You're a middle-aged man; it may be time to put aside your childish ways.

    You're an old man with a child's mind -- it may be time to get counseling for your obsessions.

  6. "There are no widely respected apologists who use your "vicious methods"."

    Why don't you go away and ignore JPH if you think his methods are childish? Do we keep our sane minds to things we regard as infamous?

    The reason you explode behind JPH is that his "methods" touch your volatile sensitivities of petty self-righteousness possessed by typical liberal christians.

    And you should be knowing better that you are not in any good position to give any one out there respect. Respect is earned through hard work and sincererity. If JPH lacks respect of respected apologists, that is none of your business.

  7. Monomianic Lazy Agnostic:

    >>>Well, it's good that you wrote on those people. The articles might be more effective if the author hadn't saddled his reputation with an infamous mean-streak, some of which we see displayed here today.

    Please. :D Like you have any way to gauge such a thing as my reputation and how it would have been regarded by any other means? You're just frustrated because you ALWAYS lose, ALWAYS make ridiculous blunders, and ALWAYS get skinned each time you go after me. So you pull this vain scenario out of your bum that I'd be more "respected" if I hadn't used riposte. OH, REALLY? Baloney!

    Bottom line is, YOU used it, and so do writers like Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, etc., and that is because deep in your shrveled husk of a heart you KNOW it is effective. The deal is that, as on TWeb, you want to take it away from your opposition precisely because you are so weak and pathetic that it affects YOU badly -- you're a bully who wants Christians to become your intellectual rape victims, laying still and nodding guiltily while you issue forth with the jaundiced criticisms. That's the REAL reason you don't like it -- you hate it when someone gives you what you deserve (and what you dish out).

    >>>I neither claimed nor implied to be a minister.

    Yes you did, liar.

    <<< Have you received endorsement from Dr Licona for your frequent use of vile personal invective and childish insults?

    He knows exactly what I do and he knows I have a role to play in tearing down the more aggressive, obnoxious fakers like YOU. He's equipped for one area of work; I'm equipped for another. Deal with it.

    >>>There are no widely respected apologists who use your "vicious methods".

    Baloney! That's a game you play again. I named two, White and Wilson, and you tried to rationalize that away by shifting the goalposts of what "widely respected" meant, so that apparently it's a category with no one in it! :D

    It's time to teach you a lesson, you sanctimonious stalker pig. Don't forget you brought it on yourself.... ;)


    It's very simple, Jeffy....the more you stalk me, the more I'll add to this page and publicize it in various places.

    You now have a choice: Stop stalking me, or get ground under foot by me. :)

    Your call.

  9. OK. You posted that before I got done.

    I was a little bit worried because in the past you threatened to send someone to a critic's door if he didn't relent.

    Do I think you would follow through? Probably not. Do I think you are capable of it? Absolutely.

    I really don't like thinking that about anyone, but really, with that threat you've brought it on yourself.

    Carry on with the patented JPH character assassination. It'll do wonders for your rep.

  10. Sanctimonious pig,

    Your call. Every day you keep stalking me, I add more to that Predator Alert -- and there's plenty to add, with your criminal record. :D

    >>>No, I suppose I don't. It just seems you'd be further along in legitimate apologetic circles if you'd gotten a theology degree

    "Further along" that what, pig? I'm quite "far along" in "legitimate apologetic circles" (whatever the heck you define that as this week), doing exactly what I want to do. You don't decide for me what my goals are and whether I have met them, despite your pretense to micromanage everyone's life because you think of yourself as some sort of personal demigod.

    >>>cartoons in the backwaters of Theology Web.

    "Backwaters". Yeah. The most heavily-trafficked theology discussion forum is a "backwater". :D Right. One YOU got banned from twice for obsessive, perverted stalking behavior like THIS.

    >>>Riposte comprises something other than vile personal invective and childish insults.

    "Personal invective and childish insults" is what the one calls it who's getting beaten senseless by the riposte -- in other words, YOU, loser.

    >>>Your misuse of that term and the writings of Malina & Rohrbach have led to negative responses from both of them about you.

    WRONG. You LIED to Rohrbaugh (and can't even spell his name) about myself and your own intentions, to set up a patsy response from him. That will be documented on the Predator page as well.

    >>>You have yet to furnish any personal words of support from them.

    I need none. You're raising the bar arbitrarily because you know you've lost.

    >>>Perhaps you can show the words which might lead Dr Licona to such an inference.

    Oh, representing yourself as part of the Southern Baptists wasn't enough, hmm? LIAR.

    >>>If, after all these years, you have to concoct a quibble about who are widely respected apologists,

    No, pig, it is YOU who wants to quibble, redefine, and shift the goalposts, so that you don't end up losing AGAIN. :D

    >>>orsement of your "vicious methods". (Metaphorical lexicons, notwithstanding)

    More of your obsession:

    >>>It's time to teach you a lesson, you sanctimonious stalker pig. Don't forget you brought it on yourself.... ;)

    >>>led threats can be troublesome. You may want to clarify the nature of the lesson you plan to administer, to avoid being viewed as a cheap bully or terrorist.

    As opposed to a stalker? Perish the thought. People like you are the reason prisons had to be invented.

    >>>Carry on with the patented JPH character assassination. It'll do wonders for your rep.

    As you'll find out, having your own Predator Alert page, for someone in YOUR position as a nobody, isn't pleasant -- as someone else found out quite handily.

    That'll be all. You post here any more and I'll delete it, pig. :)

  11. JP, I emailed this page to several Christian apologists of note. It's good to see your people skills displayed once again! ;-)

  12. Too late, John. :D "jptill" aka Lazy Agnostic already tried that and has been trying it for years now. You can see how effective it is. KNOW WHY?

    Because everyone knows better than to think that a confirmed liar and scoundrel like you (and LA) has a valid opinion on these subjects.

    Your reputation as a liar proceeds you, John. Since you sent out links, let's make sure they see these about you: -- about your "big blog lie" and lie about reviewing your book on Amazon

    Tophet just added a nice message too:
    My doubting friend John,

    Yesterday you said,



    But all I just wanted to do originally was to reasonably discuss the issues that separate us. I did not set out to debunk Christianity.

    But doubting friend John, when you advertised your Honest Doubter book years ago, you said,

    I am a doubter when it comes to traditional evangelical Christianity, and this book presents a very powerful case against it by a former defender of it.

    If you want only one book to hand to your friends that will dismantle traditionally Christianity, this is it.

    My doubting friend John, why is it your desire to lie?

    Your special friend,


    *** -- about how you mock and insult people with disabilities for your own amusement -- about how you misrepresent Geisler's "endorsement" of your book -- an expose' of you by TBT, the head of this blog

    Good job, John, they can see it all in one place now. :D By the way, you're doing a great job of ignoring me like you promised. Keep it up!

  13. Too late Holding. I'm pretty sure the ones I emailed about this thread have already come and gone. ;-) And they can see from how you responded here that you have probably provoked me and then quoted what I said in response out of context.

  14. Out of context? Really? You're a funny, funny man, John. That claim doesn't really stack up when I quote just about every word you put into writing.

    And if me and Holding are partners in crime, then your little message notification is pure time wastage. By the way, why would you reveal this to us, anyways? Wouldn't it be much more effective if this was done in secret?

    You're not only desperate, you have brains too

  15. Yeah, sure, John. :D You're just such an important person that whoever you email drops everything they do just to go see what you're whining about THIS time. Fer sure.

    I have news for you, John: Behind the scenes, these folks you're writing think of little of you as do the folks at TWeb. ;)

  16. In fact, John thinks that they all came here within an hour's time between our posts? Now that's plain DUMB and egomaniacal.

    BTW John, see this?

    It's been up for years....and you can see how much effect it has had, eh? Try a little harder. You're not making as much noise as Brooks Trubee has been yet.

    Keep up the good work "ignoring" me, Mr. Paranoid. :D

  17. Oh yeah! For all those stopping by, too, here's a great post on the way John expresses himself when he's caught violating rules, and also more on the sort of company here keeps and how proud they are to show their allegiances:

    Yeah, John's definitely a pure and innocent victim here who's being unjustly persecuted. :D NOT.

  18. No problemo:

  19. Hey, John, I thought you said those people had ALREADY been here? So why'd you delete that page?

    Give us a thumbs up, John!

    Oh. As you can see, that is DEFINITELY not a thumb.... :D

  20. I thought this was TBT's blog. I guess he doesn't get to call his own shots here.

    JPH makes it out that you're guilty of stalking, which, if true, is an illegal offense. Illegal activities are not permitted here, as stated in the rules.

    But as long as you aren't posting in a stalker-like fashion, it really doesn't matter.

  21. Naughty boy, Jeffy. That costs you two comments, plus more added to that Stalker Alert I have about you.

    Seeing as how you hate "sneering bullies," you must have a lot of self-hatred! :D

  22. Slappy-handy, Jeffy. That's two more comments gone for not keeping your stalker-mouth shut. :)

  23. No really. You've threatened an "internet stalker alert". Tell me the criteria and consequences.


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