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Friday, October 16, 2009

The Results Are In

Is John an egoist? You decide:

My Point About JP Holding is That He Can Safely Be Ignored.

I'm probably not going to leave this post up for long since I don't want to give him any more attention than I must do in order to make my point. My point can be found in the percentages in the poll I conducted in the sidebar for two weeks, not the actual number of votes themselves (most visitors to DC by far didn't even vote). For if I left the poll up for another two weeks or months the percentages of votes among people who are interested in the God-hypothesis on the web would probably be the same, except that he would run out of ignorant Christian friends who voted as they did (he cultivates them). Look at the poll and the percentages with me:
What Do You Think of JP Holding?

1) One of the best apologists around (I’m an ignorant Christian) 47 (10%)

2) An average dime-a-dozen wannabe apologist 59 (13%)

3) An obnoxious hack who is an embarrassment to Christianity 137 (30%)

4) I don’t know of him 207 (46%)
Sure I slanted the poll by how I phrased the questions, but I did give people the option to vote positively if they wanted to. Of the people who know him 81% don't think he's important enough to engage (from 1-3), while 56% of this same grouping think he's a total embarrassment to the faith he seeks to defend. Still an additional 46% of the people who voted don't even know he exists (from 4). Add them together and that means nearly 90% of the people interested in the God-hypothesis don't know him or care to hear about him (from 1-4). That's why I usually ignore him, because if we subtract the 25-30 votes from his ignorant Christian friends who cannot think for themselves who voted for him (from 1, and come on, that is the only reasonable explanation for many of these votes since only ignorant Christian friends who do not know of Swinburne, Plantinga, Craig, Copan, Moreland, and others, would vote that way), then he can be safely ignored. He is no threat to skepticism. My goal is to marginalize him, and I will.

That is, until he becomes better educated and also comes up to the adult world of respectful discourse.

Consider this: John admits to slanting the questions in order to produce presupposed answers, and based on this fact now argues that the voting participants deliberately and purposefully voted against JP. We ask you rational people, is this an honest inquiry or is it meant to personally attack and demean?


  1. Not only so, this is proof that John either fixed the results or else has some of the stupidest people in the universe reading his blog.

    John is crowing about the large response to "I don't know of him."

    Wait a second. John and his pals there like Green, Avalos, etc. have been railing about me regularly since John started his blog years ago. So how in the world is it that so many of John's readers "don't know" of me???

    Also,if he wants to make a big deal of people not knowing who I am, then let's see if he's brave enough to do another poll of the same type -- I'm being facetious, because obviously we can't trust him to not be stuffing the ballot boxes. The test would be: Put up a poll where he asks, "What do you think of ______" and put in one of these names or sets of names:

    * Bob and Gretchen Passantino
    * Dan Story
    * Bruce Malina

    I guarantee his dumbass atheist friends will not have heard of any of these people for the most part either. :D

  2. I also notice that not only are the atheists infected by cultism of being dumbish John follower but also some Christians are not safe from this.

    You see, they claim that they are expressing "charity" or that they are expressing "Christ love" as an effective way of dealing with atheists. To me, these are the sort of gullibles who are feeding John's ego. And John has managed to successfully implant in their minds this cultist mentality such that they are now no different to Mohamedans or Mormons. And that's exactly what John wants: He wants to project himself as a new Mohammed and Joseph Smith with "Why I Became an Atheist" and "The Christian Delusion" as his Quran and Mormon Bible, respectively. I thought we humans are bigger than that, but alas, that is only my wishful thinking.

  3. Wouldn't be a bad idea for a test JP, hehehe.

    By the edson, I insist, we oughta call that brand of atheism:

    Loftusism. :P

    (With the toungy I insist)

  4. I see what's happening with all this hair pulling in the playground . . .

    John has a man-crush on JPH

    how sweet :)


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