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Sunday, April 26, 2009

John W. Loftus Admits He’s a Jerk!

March 31st 2009 , 06:53 AM

Post: #515 Re: March 2009 Screwballs

Listen, I don't expect you and me to have a complete meeting of the minds just because we agree about Holding, and I don't see why you should all of a sudden think I am not a jerk, either, which is what you were arguing for on your Blog. I can be a jerk, and I am, under the right (or wrong) kind of circumstances.


What is a jerk?

jerk, n.

5. slang (orig. U.S.). Someone of little or no account; a fool, a stupid person.

Oxford English Dictionary, Second edition, 1989.

John W. Loftus believes he's a jerk. We agree.

What credibility does a jerk have?


  1. Just a note to whoever might be concerned...someone on the Loftus side is posting fake posts under the name Dan'el, as can be shown by the fact that he has copied my profile exactly in order to make obscene comments about John.

    True, I have referred to his adultery, to his lying to his congregation, to the fact that his own cousin didn't trust him, but those are all things to be found in his book.

    I never post rumors or things that can't be shown from his own book or blog.

    This happened over at DC all the time, faking outrageous posts from me, but deleting my responses.

    And of course we all know what Loftus did with the fake Holding blog, so we know he does things like this.

    Now, just WHO could Dan'el be...hmmmmmm? I wonder! It is such a MYSTERY! LOL!

  2. By the way, John knows by now that his decision not to post comments has been seen as cowardly, and yet he can't just retract the decision without losing face.

    After all, he knows he did it in a fit of anger, after receiving a number of posts totally refuting the rant that led to his decision to forbid comments in the first place!

    So, what to do?

    Have another one of his phony "polls"...which, currently, and AMAZINGLY, are overwhelmingly in favor of comments.

    Then, John can say...what can I do? My readers have voted!

    He can then restore comments and save face at the same time.

    Good move, John. Say hi to "Dani'el" Bahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh, and this is a HOOT! Ed Babinski, I wonder if he got his teeth fixed, calls for an abortion policy like China's.

    There is just something about the murderous policies of an officially ahteistic government that tugs at the heart strings! Bahahahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!1

  4. I just knew you would eventually let something good slip out, Andrew. I also find abortions abhorrent. Especially forced ones.

    I hope there's something to the idea that populations stabilize on their own in free societies, once large families are no longer an economic necessity. I wish I knew more about that.

  5. I know Dani'El

    He told me there have been people using his name though, pretending to be him and that. Links to the Dani'El dude's comments?

  6. I posted a similar comment on Deranged John's blog but it probably won't pass comment approval, so I'll repost it here:

    Christians do have a population-limiting philosophy: stop fucking so damn much. Don't have kids unless you can take care of them and provide them with a healthy family life. Babinski would sooner execute the unborn than have him and his cohort figure out how to keep it in his pants. Hint: castration works well Babinski. It removes the urge.

    Bizarrely enough, all the "let's start killing people to reduce overpopulation" troglodytes never start with themselves.

  7. Ed Babinski is well known in his local homosexual community as a power bottom. That means he likes to take it up the ass, but he does it with vigor. Oh, Ed has not gotten his teeth fixed. And yes Loftus does love to suck the cock.

  8. "I never post rumors or things that can't be shown from his own book or blog.

    Well then, Andrew, either that May 5 comment came from an impersonator, or you know of a sensational couple of books or links that I've somehow missed. Can you share your sources with us?

  9. The last post was faked. I only post things about Loftus and his minions that can be found in his THEIR OWN BOOKS.

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...who else do we know who has faked posts and even set up fake blogs about people?

    I wonder...

  10. Dang, Andrew, I see that there *are* two different profiles.

    Does Blogger really allow identical handles?

    You could call yourself Andrew6358, but I guess that could then be faked, too.

    You might try a little harder to say so, every time you see a spoof. I bet most people still have no idea. Now I'm not sure about what to think about you anymore!

  11. If someone really is spoofing Andrew, those comments should be deleted, even from here, and Andrew himself would want it that way - right, Andrew?

    That's what I would have been saying all along, had it been me.


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