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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What would John W. Loftus’ wife and kids have to say about this?

Recently Brock’s Cleaning Service janitor Loftus began the following thread:

March 30th 2009 , 04:33 AM

Post: #1 The Math Whiz Thread

This thread may not last as long as some others.

To win be the last person to post a correct answer to the following math question.

Multiply the number 2 by itself and the result times the number two and the result times the number 2 until the last person posts the last correct answer.

I'll start.

2 x 2 = 4.

Now multiply 4 by 2 and the result by 2 and so on and so forth.

You may post as often as you wish. One answer per post.

Any incorrect answer disqualifies you from winning the thread, prize to be announced.

Have fun.


Four hours later, Loftus makes the second post:

March 30th 2009 , 08:34 AM

Post: #2 Re: The Math Whiz Thread

I guess I win then.

My prize is a beautiful girl to show up at my door with a case of cold beer.


What would Loftus' wife and kids say about this?


  1. John has a family business to run. Now that's a shocking revelation, if I've ever seen one! ;-)

    It looks as if the comments might be coming back on his blog, but in the meantime, maybe you could comment on the debate he mentioned here:

    I'm with Craig, actually, and if he lost, I think it's because he didn't push the strongest points he made during his talk.

    I think we need a god in much the same sense that we need a fear of an earthly criminal justice system, if living up to the morality that I agree we can do a fairly adequate job of figuring out for ourselves isn't enough of an incentive for us.

    Where I get stuck is the fact that the God of the Bible doesn't seem to line up with what I'd consider to be justice. Craig himself has written that he wishes Universal Reconciliation were true - in other words, he believes his own God to be unjust!

    Y'all might learn something from the level of respect and civility seen during that debate. Who's the bigger jerk here isn't really one of life's most pressing questions.

  2. It is rumored that John left his faith after a long bout of sexual abuse directed at children.
    I wonder what his wife and kids think of that?

  3. "Dani'els" post if a fake. He has copied my profile exactly, as was done over at the LOFTUS blog a number of times.

    Gee, I wonder who could be doing this? LOL!

    I NEVER post rumors, but only things that can be verified from John's OWN his adultery, lying to his congregation, and the fact that his own cousin did not trust him.

    Now we know John has a history of faking posts and blogs, as per the Holding fiasco, so I am just saying...well, you draw your own conclusions.

    By the way, someone was trying to hack our bosses computer and he has filed a report with the local police department...of course, without more, nothing will probably happen, but the point is that the report is on record.

  4. It is rumored that John left his faith after a long bout of sexual abuse directed at children.
    I wonder what his wife and kids think of that?
    Hi John! *Waves*


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