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Sunday, April 19, 2009

John W. Loftus Goes Mental

Poor, poor John W. Loftus. What is going on in his brain? We find out from his own words:

July 19th 2005, 04:47 AM

Doubting John’s Argument Against The Resurrection.

This is funny.

Are you guys trying to be funny, because you are!

And what if I exegete this verse in a way you disaprove [sic] of?

Does that make my former Christian faith suspect?

Do you think you've got me now?

June 30th 2005, 02:50 AM

Where is God in Infinite SPACE?

As insensitive as you've been so far, I'll suppose you'll have an argument for what I've just written. Save it. It'll fall of deaf ears. Silence is all you'll get from me.You, your arguments, and your God are not worth my time anymore.

December 4th 2007 , 03:06 PM

Post: #72 Re: December 2007 Screwballs

Now that I see people ganging up on me, I'm gone.

September 10th 2008 , 01:34 AM

Post: #97 Re: Review: Why I Became an Atheist by J. Loftus

There is no fairness here. That's what I and FF object to. It maddens me to no end. You know this about me. So you push my hot buttons.

I do not care for you. You do not care for me. Big truckin' deal. I don't care. Why should I? I don't know anyone here. I'm not here to win friends. This is a computer community. It is not composed of flesh and blood people. No one will help me if I'm sick and need a hot meal. Only a friend could do that. Not anyone here on TWEB.

September 10th 2008 , 02:06 AM

Post: #100 Re: Review: Why I Became an Atheist by J. Loftus

When it comes to TWEB I do not give a buck.

Again, it's not good for my mental health to be here. [I say this for my own benefit]. one ever recommend my book here on TWEB again.

I don't want to see it mentioned. I don't...I shouldn't...visit.

October 18th 2008 , 08:28 AM

Post: #13 Re: Is God Stupid or What?

TWeb brings out the worst in most of us, although I dispute your characterizations of me. I was pointing this out to you since I don't come here much anymore. It's better for my mental health not to be here.


Perhaps I'm Losing it; I Don't Know.

By John W. Loftus

I am ******* tired of being shot at from both sides of the fence for five years because I actually want to reach the opposing side. If you are a skeptic and you want to take pot shots at me then **** ***. I do not care. I really don't. There are many sites and books that preach to the choir on both sides of the fence. Fine. Go to them. That is not what I'm doing here. Get the point. I'm about ready to quit. I really am. I no longer care. I've done my part.


Luckily for Mr. Loftus, his town of Angola has a fine mental health facility, Northeastern Center, Inc. at 1418 Beckland Dr. The friendly, helpful staff can take good care of him.


  1. News Flash! As of an hour or so ago, John has broken down!




    John made an especially rambling rant last night, and received a number of well placed comments.

    He couldn't take it, and has...per his recent post...completely shut down comments!

  2. This is especially unfortunate for me, because John just took a shot at my book "The Easter Answer." John doesn't like it (no surprise), but many others do.

    For example, I received an e-mail yesterday from syndicated columnist Suzette Standring: "I am blown away by the plausibility and logic of your Easter Answer. It makes perfect sense. Compel the opposition to rebut because your approach is genius in its simplicity and research. Congratulations and I fully expect your your book to change the landscape!" This comment was freely offered and without asking she said I could quote her.

    Others agree. See the "Cast Your Vote" page at

    If you want to begin investigating my claim, google my online article: "Answering Easter Contradiction."

  3. John isn't interested in discourse. He's interested in profit. End of story.

    Welcome to the blog, Mr. Kingsley.


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