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Friday, April 17, 2009

Take the John W. Loftus Challenge!

In a recent Theology Web exchange, Brock’s Cleaning Service janitor Mr. Loftus made the following claim:

Originally posted by Doubting John

April 2nd 2009 , 04:08 AM

Post: #107 Re: April 2009 Screwballs

Holding will not engage me in a serious non-abusive debate because he knows he will lose.

Originally posted by jpholding

April 2nd 2009 , 07:22 AM

Post: #117 Re: April 2009 Screwballs

I tried to when you first came here -- and you wouldn't be a man and step to the plate on ANY of the points I asked you to debate. Every time it was some lame excuse. Waah waah waah.

Originally posted by Doubting John

April 2nd 2009 , 08:13 AM

Post: #123 Re: April 2009 Screwballs

There were only two times that we really engaged each other and I owned you both times.

In this thread:

Where I entered the fray here:

And then in this thread:

Where you entered the fray here:

Both times I owned you. If anyone thinks differently then, well they think differently. But I encourage everyone to take a good look at those two threads.


Take the John W. Loftus challenge! Click on the links he provides. Read the threads. He encourages you to do so. Did he, as he claims, “own” J.P.? If not, what do you conclude about Loftus’ mental state?

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  1. I just took a look at the second thread. Wow, Loftus has to actually ASK why crucifixion was used and not some other death? Maroons, all of them...


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