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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Would You Like to Give Me Attention?"

It's true, I do hover over John's website from time to time. But after all, that's the purpose of this blog's very existence. Whether John and his litter recognize it or not, or are just in complete denial, this blog does debunk that which it can. And let's face it, John's arguments stink. DC has no more professionalism in its writing prose than we do here. It's probably even less scholarly, because it committs to the error of some many pseudo-scholars when trying to pass off their "work": I'm a scholar! I'm a scholar! I'm a scholar!

From mere personal observation, self-proclaimed titles mean that a certain person wants to inflate their level of competence and practice to something that it is not. It is a means of getting attention. The real scholars have little of anything to brag about themselves, and yet they end up being taken seriously by their colleagues and writing inspiring works of well documented research. It's my thesis that in order to be a true genuine scholar, it takes a great deal of humility and a great lack of ego. If ego exceeds the humility, then it impedes on one's so-called "scholarship" and becomes riddled with their already preconceived biases. Not rocket science.

That's another primary reason this blog was created and why we write what we do. John expects the world to take him seriously for practically nothing. He wants us to bow down to him and obey his demanding requests. He wants to shove himself down our throats in order to better accomplish his already laid out agenda. It's not due to him revealing personal details about himself to the public, and being mindlessley "berated" for them: It's how he presents the details about his personal life which we are criticizing and are reflective of his behaviors both past and present. As some of his book's reviewers have revealed, he spends most of his time repeating old, hashed-out arguments, and he blames all that is wrong with his life on the actions of others (e.g., "Linda forced me to have sex with her!"). I don't believe these are mere rumors, because this is very consistent with the way John acts and writes on an almost-daily basis.

Just after having disabled comments for all non-DC staff, DJ starts asking for favors:

I have a very important announcement about something I've been working on where individual people who want to talk live with me can do so. Christians who would like to argue with me can do so. Skeptics who would like to bone up on the arguments as well as pick a bone with me will be able to do so. Students in ethics or philosophy classes can get special personal tutoring from me. Christians who struggle with their faith can talk things over with me. And former Christians who want to vent or ask advice about their personal pain can do so.

Details will be forthcoming, probably very soon. This will be exciting. Stay tuned.

Now that John has disabled comments from the general public, he must seem to think that he can turn everything around on its head as a means of making profit ("special tutoring"). As I said before on TWeb, this is unbelieviably pathetic. Let's shut up as many people as we can who disagree or point out my own stupidity and evasive deception, so that we can keep those who already agree with me rolling in with their cash to donate! Pathetic.

Truth is, John craves control. That's all he wants out of life, and that's all he expects to receive. And when he is able to control things, he is able to profit. Debunking Christianity: Another typical Internet atheist scam.

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  1. Only one word group comes to mind when I read John's articles now; that's "self-exaltation" That's an attribute of the devil himself.

    Personally I don't mind arguing with John, but that's because I like to research stuff too, so that's just me...but he relishes in the thought that he is called "one of atheisms top apologists"...

    I've always called them at DC antichrist advocates, but they are certainly even more than advocates...collectively they are the anti-Christ itself-LOL



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